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Connections 2010 - Back from Whence it Came

Update (March, 2010) – The Connections 2010 Conference continues to take shape. Abstracts have been reviewed, and the Organizing Committee is currently in the process of contacting those authors whose abstracts were selected to confirm their participation. The traditional Great Lakes geographic focus has considerably expanded, with authors submitting abstracts from four continents. Dr. John Budd from the University of Missouri will be giving the Keynote Address. Also, several sections of the website have been updated. Check back for continuing updates.

Connections 2010 (May 15-16, 2010) is a conference for Library and Information Science doctoral students and candidates. To celebrate its 15th anniversary Connections is returning to the place of its origin, the University of Western Ontario.

Connections 2010 is a student oriented conference, and as such provides several excellent opportunities. It is one of the best venues for LIS doctoral students and candidates to meet and discuss with their colleagues from not only the Great Lakes region but from across Canada and the United States. Furthermore, because the conference is run and organized by and for us it serves as a forum for research at any stage in the process.