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Connections 2010

Contact information


Registration for the Connections 2010 conference has begun. If you would like to register, please complete the Connections Registration Form and return it by mail to:

Faculty of Information and Media Studies (FIMS)
FIMS Doctoral Students Association (LIS)
c/o Michael McNally, Connections 2010 Treasurer
The University of Western Ontario
Room 240, North Campus Building
1151 Richmond Street
LONDON, Ontario N6A 5B8 Canada

All those wishing to attend the Connections 2010 conference, must return their Registration Forms and Registration Fee of $50 (CAD or USD) no later than April 11, 2010. Cheques can be mailed to the address above and made payable to “FIMS DOCTORAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION”.

Inquires about the registration process can be directed to