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Connections 2010

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Note: For each session, the order below does not necessarily reflect the order in which speakers will be speaking. Prior to the conference the moderator will be in touch with all participants to determine speaking order.

Day 1 — May 15, 2010




Opening Remarks


Keynote Address

Dr. John Budd, University of Missouri


Session 1: Health Information

Moderator: Ahmad Kamal

Maryam Zakerhamidi – An end user evaluation of query formulation and results review tools in Pub Med Search Engines

Yanjun Zhang – Evaluation of health information online

Shelagh K. Genuis – Making sense of evolving health information

Alexandre Fortier – Infobuttons: the use of electronic health records to access health information


Morning Break


Session 2: Information Literacy

Moderator: Michael McNally

Sarah Camm – Video games in the library?

Lucía Cedeira Serantes – Slighting certain kinds of readers: searching for comic book and graphic readers in Library and Information Science literature

Bettie McGinness – Selection, Decision-Making and Controversial Materials

Cherié L. Weible – Tarleton Lee: A Case Study in Book Distribution




Session 3: Reflections on Libraries and Library Practices

Moderator: Alexandre Fortier

Kyle Asquith – The bias of the advertising archive

Patrick Gavin – Documenting Information Literacy

Susan L. MacDonald – The Library Settlement Partnership: A Case Study

Nasser Saleh – The Exploration Dimension in the Collaborative Information Behaviour of Design Engineering Students: a Pilot Study


Afternoon Break


Session 4: Information Systems

Moderator: Sarah Camm

Anamika Dasgupta – Google Blog Search Engine v.s. Technorati Blog Directory: A Study on User Relevance Criteria

Christopher "Sean" Burns – Towards an Analysis of Bibliographic Citations in Social Computing Groups

Elizabeth Milonas – Exploring the use of facets in Internet Retrieval Tools

6:00pm onward


Day 2 — May 16, 2010


Session 5: Information Behaviour

Moderator: Patrick Gavin

Ahmad Kamal – Exploring Rejected Information

Sherilyn Williams – Crafting as a means of facilitating information sharing behaviour

Michael B. McNally – A Political Ontology of Intellectual Goods


Morning Break


Session 6: Information and Culture

Moderator: Niall Conroy

Justyna Berzowska – Exploring Visual Representation in Document Surrogates

Olha Buchel – The role of the working space representation and epistemic interactions in map-based visualizations

Adeola Opesade – Strategic, value-based ICT investment as key factor in Reducing Digital Divide

Sergey Zherebchevsky – The European Library: Improving Cross-Cultural Web Portals


Closing Remarks